Business Continuity Plan

Showdown Displays Business Continuity Plan - Coronavirus COVID-19

May 22, 2020

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, Showdown Displays is focused on the health and well-being of our employees and customers. The purpose of this communication is to share the proactive provisions that Showdown is taking to ensure business continuity while keeping our employees safe and helping to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. These temporary policies and provisions are guided by the Peacetime Emergency proclamation by the State of Minnesota as well as the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

This document outlines a summary of the Business Continuity Plan for Showdown Displays in North America, in the event of a worsening pandemic of the coronavirus. It’s important to note that while continuity of the business is critical, Showdown Displays is doing everything possible in the course of our operations to prevent the spread of the virus. This document, therefore, also summarizes the company’s prevention efforts in that regard.

Current Status:

On, or before March 23, 2020 Showdown Displays transitioned any/all possible positions to remote, work-from-home status. For any position for which remote work was not an option [primarily Production and Distribution] Showdown Displays has asked all employees to immediately self-quarantine by not coming to work or leaving the premises if they begin to exhibit flu-like symptoms. In that event, employees are asked to seek medical attention immediately and report those symptoms and/or test results to their supervisor.

Coronavirus Safety and Prevention Efforts:

Showdown Displays has implemented the following precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus in our workplace and in our communities:

  1. Eliminated international travel
  2. Eliminated inter-office travel for employees
  3. Eliminated customer, supplier, and contractor visits (except daily deliveries)
  4. Eliminated large-group employee meetings
  5. Encourage good personal hygiene practices, both at work and on personal time
  6. Transitioned all possible positions to a working from home status.
  7. Installed COVID-19 safety communications at all entry and high traffic locations.
  8. Increased frequency and rigor of cleaning efforts within our facilities with a concentration toward high-traffic areas.
  9. Increased availability and access to cleaning and sanitation products for our employees to enable them additional cleaning for their respective area.
  10. Developed and implemented an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) in the event of virus exposure at any Showdown Displays facility. (This document is available for review upon request.)

Business Continuity Plan:

Through prior, purposeful continuity planning, Showdown Displays anticipates being able to fulfill all orders without interruption to normal business operations and while providing a safe environment to Showdown employees.


Showdown Displays has redundant production capabilities across multiple owned facilities. These include ten remote stocking and distribution locations across the U.S., in addition to two printing and manufacturing facilities in North America. Those manufacturing facilities are located in Minnesota and Alabama, respectively with multiple shifts and available capacity in place at each facility. Showdown Displays has also partnered with manufacturing/printing partners in Europe and Mexico for additional capacity and flexibility in the event of an exposure. To ensure continuity in the event of a virus-related facility closure, we have enacted the following procedures and/or contingency plans:

  1. Increase stocking levels of high-use inventory, shippable to any location on demand
  2. Ensure print redundancy for every product, across multiple locations
  3. Institute contingencies for additional work-from-home scenarios for non-production functions such as; customer service, order management, sales, graphics, finance, etc.

Supply Chain:

Showdown Displays has significant levels of stock and inventory on-hand. Additionally, a weekly production status report indicates that contracted overseas suppliers are once again nearing full capacity. Showdown also maintains supply redundancy, with multiple supplier partners across product categories. To ensure supply continuity, the following actions are in place:

  1. Showdown Displays has several employees in place in China, monitoring the situation.
  2. Showdown receives daily updates from each of our suppliers, advising of capacity, providing stock levels, and production & transit order status.
  3. Showdown Displays also has available alternate sources of overseas supply, including a wholly owned factory in the Czech Republic.

Rest assured that Showdown Displays is well positioned to keep our employees and communities safe, while continuing to provide the legendary products and services to our customers. The leadership team at Showdown Displays continues to meet daily to monitor this evolving situation and we pledge to provide additional updates should there be any new developments

Business Continuity Plan

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